The Glasses

16 Apr

My glasses broke last week. I’m always carrying them around in my pockets because I hate wearing them. They bother me and I don’t like the feeling of them on my face. I’ll put them on to drive or to see in class but that’s about it. My vision is pretty bad, but I’d often rather be blurry then wear my glasses!

Until yesterday, when my friend suggested I glue the glasses back together. She gave me a tube of superglue and I did just that. Like magic, my glasses were fixed. And also like magic, the gratitude I feel like them is multiplied. My glasses allow me to see. They save from eyes from the stinging and redness caused by too much contact use. They’re easy and they work and they’re pretty cute, too.

What can you find gratitude for today, where you had none before? An excellent way to find out is to get on your yoga mat.

Love and Namaste!



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